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Our startup beer range is as follows:

Swamp Bog Pixie Piss

Deep gold coloured IPA, very hoppy and a reminder of days long gone.


ABV 5%

Bottom Biter

Dark, copper coloured ale and a real thirst quenching bitter which is light in alcohol, Bottom Biter makes the perfect sunset accompaniment.


ABV 3.6%

Baba Laga

Our blood stained true craft lager with a noble heritage, hoppy and full of flavour.


ABV 4.8%

Baba Laga.png
Edge Hopper

Brewed on request for The Edge at Cropredy Beer Festival. A lighter gold and very smooth ale with a hint of honey.


ABV 4.2%

Necro NS.png
The Ferryman's Brew

Clear lager character and subtle coffee flavour are the distinguishing characteristics of this dark, yet surprisingly light flavoured Schwarzbier. A refreshing alternative to stouts and porters on a blustery winter day.


ABV 5%

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